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Most of the material on this site is mine. But creating this material was not possible without the help of many people and groups. I will name some of them in alphabetical order: Andre Fachat, Arndt Oevermann, Bo Zimmerman, CBM-Hackers, CVML, Dirk Kleppke, HCC Commodore-GG, Jim Brain, Joe Forster, Lino, MagerValp, Marko Mäkelä,MichaƂ Pleban , Mike Naberezny, Nicolas Welte, Paul Foerster, Silverdream, Spiro Trikaliotis, WoMo and many many others.
To all of you: Thank you !!!

Special thanks to Slaygon who provided me the nice subdomain '' and to Edzard Kolks aka Webreus who provided me the domain ''.

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