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  • This is a site that is constantly under construction. So you can expect pages with no working links. But don't hessitate to inform me if you find one.
  • All names with a copyright are acknowledged.
  • This site code contains binaries, source code and other stuff that used to belong to companies that don't exist anymore or don't care about it anymore (so called 'abandonware'). If you consider yourself the owner of some of the material and think I'm violating your rights, then I will remove it after you have given proof of your claim.
  • Some information is derived from deduction after reading a lot of documents and can be unreliable due to the lack of real proof.
  • If you use information from this site to write software or build hardware, then it is on your own account. I cannot take any responsibility. So I cannot be held responsible for blowing up your computer, mother-in-law or whatever; it will always be your own fault.
  • All software downloaded from this site, certainly the ones created by me, you get AS IS. It will be software (still) used by me and never caused any problem on my PCs AFAIK. So if something goes wrong, you cannot hold me responsable for it: crashes, lost of data or whatever bad things that happened to your computer. USING THIS SOFTWARE IS COMPLETELY AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!
  • I'm not a sexist, with 'he' and 'him' I also mean 'she' and 'her'.
  • I'm a Dutchman and English is not my native language. So you can expect to find several linguistic mistakes.

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