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  • 74LS612 - Memory Management Unit
    Expand your C= with another 8 address lines.
  • The $D700/$D7FF area
    Add an extra I/O area to your C64 or C128.
  • Disk images
    Info about the structure of several disk images.
  • IEEE-488
    Facts and figures about the IEEE interface used by the PET and CBM models.
  • Hardware course
    A document that explains the working of a processor and computer at the level of digital gates.
  • The ISA bus
    The pin outs and their meaning of the PC ISA bus.
  • What are PLD files?
    An explanation of PLD files: source files to program PALs and GALs.
  • SASI interface
    Information about the SASI interface. This predecessor of the SCSI interface is used in the Commodore 9060 and 9090 hard drives.
  • Schematics
    All kind of schematics, reengineered or copies, of equipment I own or regularly need.
  • Source codes
    Source codes of the Kernals and system ROMs of various Commodore computers, equipment and peripherals.

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