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Hardware projects

This page contains a list with hardware projects. First the Commodore PC related ones.

Realized and working projects.

Ideas but with worked out schematic and PCB but not completely working yet
  • 65816-ATX
    A computer based on the WDC65816 on an ATX board, including eight ISA slots.
  • Debugger-LPT
    Also an hardware debugger for your computer but not using displays but a LPT port or an Arduino.
  • EPROM emulator
    An EPROM emulator for your LPT port or Arduino.
  • Mini-V20
    A very small computer with as main components an 8088 or NEC V20 in minimum mode as CPU, 512 KB of SRAM, 128 KB of FlashRAM, a 16540 UART as its only I/O IC and one 8-bits ISA slot for expansion.

Ideas but with worked out schematic and PCB but no hardware yet

Ideas with a schematic

Just ideas
  • E-REU
    An idea to make your own 1750 RAM Expansion Unit

Old or obselete ideas and projects
  • Old projects.
    A page with old ideas or projects but not supported anymore.

This part contains a list with non-Commodore related hardware projects.
  • Debugger for the PC
    A hardware debugger for your PC, including Commodore PCs.
  • Multi Floppy PC
    A PC with a lot of floppy drives.
  • My TTL-CPUs
    This document is the starting page of my TTL-CPU projects. I'm building three and you can find their details here.
  • XI 8088.
    A XT compatible computer rebuild with using some newer technology.

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