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The British flag This site contains all kind of information about hardware and software related to the older Commodore computers like the KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64 and C128. In 2011 I started to take interest in Commodore PCs and IBM PC-XT (compatibles) as well.
The information is only available in English.

The Dutch flag Deze site verstrekt U allerlei informatie over zowel hardware als software van de diverse Commodore computers: KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64, C128 en anderen. In 2011 ben ik mij ook gaan intresseren voor de Commodore PCs en IBM PC-XT (compatibles).
Deze site is voor de rest alleen in het Engels.

Last update: 14 September 2020

Latest activities:
- After some requests: creating a PCB for my Debugger and my new project Debugger for the PC. But I started with a simpler project, my my EPROM emulator for LPT and Arduino.
- I mentioned creating a PCB of an ATX 8088 PC in Kicad. It was too difficult in Kicad (read: I'm too lazy to learn it). Creating it using Eagle didn't work out as well: I don't think using only two layers will work. But I learned another trick so there is hope.
- I also once mentioned working on my own TTL CPUs. I tried to hand solder them but it was taking much too much time. So triggered by creating a PCB for my debugger, I started to create PCBs for them.
- Siem Appelman created a working PCB of Professional DOS, version L2, for the 1541 drive. If I find some time, I'll have a look to see if I can combine it with my HDD project.

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