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The British flag This site contains all kind of information about hardware and software related to the older Commodore computers like the KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64 and C128. In 2011 I started to take interest in Commodore PCs and IBM PC-XT (compatibles) as well. Later other interests were added to the ones I already had.
The information is only available in English.

The Dutch flag Deze site verstrekt U allerlei informatie over zowel hardware als software van de diverse Commodore computers: KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64, C128 en anderen. In 2011 ben ik mij ook gaan intresseren voor de Commodore PCs en IBM PC-XT (compatibles). Later zijn er andere interesses bijgekomen.
Deze site is voor de rest alleen in het Engels.

Last update: 2023 April 27

I could lay my hands on an "old" HP DL360 Gen9 server. Installed VMware ESXi on it and now I'm installing various OSes. I grew up with DOS and that's the main reason I stuck to Windows for a long time. Until I had to buy a new laptop I ran W7-32 on my laptop and main PC. But the new laptop ran W10 and I wasn't able to install W7-32 :( OK, I installed various various emulators like vDosPlus that enabled me to run the older 16-bit programs like Turbo-Pascal. W11 demands a Microsoft account and connection to the internet and here I draw a line. VMware enables me to try out various versions of Linux to see what suits me best.

My oldest son moved out last year and my youngest son will do that in June. The future house of my youngest son needs some renovation plus I need to renovate his room so my wife can use it for her hobbies. Unfortunately this means I have less time to spend on my own hobbies. But fortunately I keep full access to my hardware now.

I changed the Copyrights and Disclaimer section to clarify some questions about what I mean with "you can copy everything".

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