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The British flag This site contains all kind of information about hardware and software related to the older Commodore computers like the KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64 and C128. In 2011 I started to take interest in Commodore PCs and IBM PC-XT (compatibles) as well. Later other interests were added to the ones I already had.
The information is only available in English.

The Dutch flag Deze site verstrekt U allerlei informatie over zowel hardware als software van de diverse Commodore computers: KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64, C128 en anderen. In de tijd ben ik mij ook gaan intresseren voor de Commodore PCs en IBM PC-XT (compatibles). Later zijn er andere interesses bijgekomen.
Deze site is voor de rest alleen in het Engels.

Last update: 2024 February 22

Another project entered my life: the Altair Duino. This is a remake of the original ALTAIR 8800, created and built in 1974. But instead of the Intel 8080A CPU, it is operated by an Arduino Due, which is driven by the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU.
I always have been intrigued by old computers and wanted to have one myself. But the big question: which one? An additional problem: if I have one, I want to be able to tinker with it. This is the main reason I abandoned my Commodore KIM-1: I couldn't get it over my heart to experiment with it. I was offered a PDP11, I don't know which type but a small one, but I needed so much other, rather expensive parts, that I let it go as well.
I have seen various remakes of the Altair 8800 before but they were either rather expensive or not available anymore. So when I ran into this one by sheer luck, I bought it. And it happened to be the last one that was for sale.
A friend remarked: "But this isn't a remake, it is more like an emulator!". Absolutely correct. But with all the available information, there is nothing to stop me to replace the Arduino Due with an 8080 system, or better, an 8085 system. Even a Z80 system is possible because the Z80 can run 8080 code as well. I have several 8085 and Z80 SBCs and with a bit of luck I can use one of them. If needed, I create my own one.

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