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About myself....

My name is Ruud Baltissen and I am Dutch. So this means I live in the Netherlands. My country is mostly known as Holland that actually is a province (or worse, it is separated in two provinces). The Netherlands is situated between Germany and the North Sea. As Germany is 'Deutschland' in German and Germans are 'Deutsche', we Dutch are often mixed up with them. Confusing, isn't it?

A picture says more than thousand words, so this is how I look like:

         <| O  O |>      Click here to see a worse one 
         \|  /   |/
          | \--/ |
            /  \

I was born at the 27th of February 1959. After school I started a career as a naval officer on submarines but had to give this up after an accident. I started to study electronics and in 1985 I bought my very first C64. From then on I collected all kind of computers. But due to the lack of space I simply had to limit the number and so I focused on some specific types, mainly Commodore.

Beside my computers I'm also interested in motor biking (Moto Guzzi V50-II NATO 1985) and Science-Fiction. During one of my trips on a previous bike, a BMW K100LT, I met a Polish girl, Aleksandra, and a few month later we got married. We now have two boys, born 1995 and 1997.
The site of my oldest son, Grzegorz.

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