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My projects

This page contains a list with the main projects I'm working on.



I always wanted to have my own computer based on a 65816: the 65816-ATX.

Arduino Mega

In the early days when PCs and laptop still had a printer port, I mainly used it as an interface to various projects, like my EPROM emulator. The idea rose to use an Arduino, particully the Mega2560, as replacement for the printer port. I'm already able to send commands from a program written in Lazarus, a free Delphi clone, to my Uno R3.


This is such a project that can make use of the above Arduino project. It enables to debug a system with a 6502, 6510, 65816, 6809 or Z80 by putting it in step-by-step mode. The CPU has to be replaced by a module and the Debugger-LPT card.


I'm building three CPUs made of TTL ICs only. One of them does not even use programmable ICs like GALs, EPROMs or FlashRAMs.
The idea is to use a Mega2560 to test the various boards.
The page of TTL-CPUs.

CP/M-80 on a PC

Triggered by the V20 MBC I decided to build my own V20 computer: the Mini-V20. The main advantage of my design: I am not dependent of a bit unknown ATmega.

Elektuur / Elektor computers

Elektor created several computers:
  • The Junior, a kind of KIM-1 clone.
  • Samson / Octopus / EC65, based on the same 6502 card.
  • EC65K, a computer based on the 65816.
  • EC68, a computer based on the 6809.
The Junior is a single board computer but the other computers computers were built using so called Eurocard, PCBs sized 100 * 160 mm. With exception of the CPU cards, almost all of the other develloped cards, for example the video card, could be used be the Junior as well.
A special Z80 card enables the EC65 to run CPM 2.2.



CBM-DOS is an operating system meant for the 8088 processor and better. It should rum on any IBM PC compatible machine. It is meant to run on the CBM-II / 8088 card combination, V20 MBC and the PC-Box as well.
The page of CBM-DOS.


Just for fun I wanted to program my own BASIC that should run on PCs. One idea is that it should be able to run BASIC programs written on Coomodores like the C64, C128 and CBM 8032. PEEKs and POKEs won't have the same effect as on the original machine and a SYS command could crash the BASIC of course but other code should work IMHO.
CBM-BASIC will use the routines of CBM-DOS to load or save files.
No own page yet.

The next two projects are needed continiously and are updated whenever needed.


An assembler for various processors like the 6502 and some of its variants, Z80, 6800, 6809 and my TTL-CPUs. It is updated regularly due to new ideas (and sometimes a bug).
The page of MP-ASM.


AD stands for "Auto Disassembler". It is able to disassemble the binaries for the 6502, Z80 and 6800. There is a separate version for the 8088. Both are updated regularly due to new ideas (and sometimes a bug).
The page of AD.

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